Games We Love (11/30/22) - Action Games

Games We Love (11/30/22) - Action Games

Games We Love - A Deep Dive Into Under-Appreciated Graded Video Games

Games We Love - Action Games

November 30th, 2022 - Staff writer Lauren Sisselman discusses a handful of graded games that tell a compelling story or conjure feelings of nostalgia. This week covers our favorite action titles:


Action and video games go hand in hand. Players can live vicariously and safely through a video game as they travel through uncharted territories and brave new worlds. Action games have been a staple in gaming since the earliest consoles hit retail shelves; decades later, they’re still one of the best-selling genres in the gaming world! If you’re looking to start an action collection or add more, Standard Gaming has plenty of graded action games across multiple platforms! From vintage to modern, we have just the right games for any kind of collector.

WATA Graded The Last of Us Part II for PS4

The Last of Us Part II

Five years after the events of The Last of Us, part two takes players deeper into the post-apocalyptic United States. With an exciting storyline that leans deep into survival horror, this game was one of the most anticipated games of 2020. The Last of Us Part II won several awards, including Game of the Year from the Titanium Awards, the Game Awards, and the British Academy Games Awards. This game is still played by new and returning fans to this day and deserves every ounce of praise it has received.

This sealed 9.6 A++ WATA-graded copy is a beautiful example of this game. With a close-up shot of protagonist Ellie, the cover alone gives you an idea of the type of game and quality you’ll get. This is a great cover that evokes feelings of fear and intrigue. This game is perfect for action collectors, horror collectors, and of course, The Last of Us collectors.

WATA Graded Batman: Arkham City for Xbox 360

Batman: Arkham City

Since 1939 Batman has entertained audiences of all ages. The world's greatest detective has also been the subject of countless video game adaptations across multiple platforms. Batman: Arkham City is the highly anticipated follow-up to the immensely popular Batman: Arkham Asylum. This is one of my personal favorite video game series – for all three I pre-ordered them, and finished them within a matter of days. Arkham City is the perfect sequel and shows off Batman’s combat skills in all of their glory. The voice acting for the series is top-notch; reprising their iconic roles as Batman and the Joker as the late Kevin Conroy, and Mark Hammil respectively. Joining them is Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, a role she would later reprise for Harley Quinn’s Revenge. This series pulls heavily from the established Batman mythos and adds to the overall story for Batman – so much so that there are tie-in comic books.

This sealed 9.8 A+ WATA-graded copy is one of the best examples we’ve seen of this game. With a greyscale Batman overlooking the city, the only trace of color is his bloodied knuckles. This cover is strong and gets to the point of who Batman is. If you’re a Batman collector, a comic book game collector, a cross-platform collector, or a series completionist, this game should be on your list!

WATA Graded Bucky O’Hare for NES

Bucky O’Hare

Bucky O’Hare is one of those franchises some may overlook. Since his first comic book appearance in 1984, the heroic green rabbit has been the subject of an animated TV series, toys, and of course, video games! The plot revolved around an ongoing war between the United Animals Federation and the evil Toad Empire. Bucky O’Hare, captain of The Righteous Indignation which is a part of the larger S.P.A.C.E (Sentient Protoplasm Against Colonial Encroachment) organization, is joined by his crew to fight the Toad Empire. This show was one of my favorites as a child, and I played the heck out of the Bucky O’Hare game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was well received, although many compared it to the similar platformer Mega Man due to its platformer style. The game features brilliant graphics and was fairly difficult even for the more advanced players.

This cartridge is graded 7.0 by WATA and is one of the best-looking cartridges Nintendo released. While it does have the standard grey body, the bright yellow label with Bucky front and center absolutely pops and is an eye-catching cartridge. This cart displays beautifully, even without the box. If you’re looking for a great display piece, look no further. This game is perfect for Nintendo collectors, comic book fans, science fiction fans, and of course, Bucky O’Hare fans!

WATA Graded Mega Man X for SNES

Mega Man X

One of the most celebrated franchises of all time, Super Nintendo’s Mega Man X is the console's first Mega Man game. This game was one of the hardest I played as a kid, but finishing the game gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. Mega Man X was praised by critics when it was released, with many celebrating the gameplay and ease of control. Some even say the game reinvented the Mega Man series, as its transition into the 16-bit world was a breath of fresh air. The game ultimately sold over 1 million copies worldwide and spawned several direct sequels.

This sealed 9.8 A++ WATA-graded copy is as good as it gets. If you’re looking for a true highlight for your collection, look no further. This is the highest graded Mega Man X example graded by WATA, and deserves to be showcased as such. While a perfect 10 grade is very hard to get, a 9.8 is truly as good as it can get. This game is perfect for a number of collectors, including high-grade collectors, Mega Man collectors, SNES collectors, and more.

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