Hunting for Value (11/23/2022)  - Games Under $200

Hunting for Value (11/23/2022) - Games Under $200

Hunting for Value - A Guide to Hunting for Value in Graded Video Games

Hunting for Value (11/23/2022) - Games Under $200

Staff writer Lauren Sisselman digs through the Standard Gaming inventory and highlights a handful of retro graded games that may be worth a deeper look.

Starting a video game collection from scratch is an exciting endeavor to take on, and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Finding inexpensive games in complete in-box and sealed condition might seem like a daunting task – but at Standard Gaming, we have tons of new games coming in that are priced at $200 and under! We have all kinds of collectors in mind, from novices to experienced! Each of these games presents spectacularly and would make a fine addition to your growing collection!


WATA Graded Punch-Out!! for NES


For nearly 30 years World Championship Wrestling was the answer for those looking for an alternative to the infamous World Wrestling Federation – better known as WWE today. WCW, much like WWE, was over the top, lavish, and had some of the more interesting storylines in the world of professional wrestling. The Ted Turner-backed company gave the world of wrestling some of the most iconic performers, including Sting, Ric Flair, and Goldberg. In the mid-1990s WCW had their fair share of video game tie-ins, including the popular WCW Mayhem for the Nintendo 64. Unlike most contemporaries, WCW Mayhem offered players something unique – it gave players a chance to play Pay-Per-View modes after entering a cheat code. The PPV matches were based on factual lineups, giving fans a chance to live out some of their favorite matches, and perhaps a chance to get a more favorable outcome. Modern professional wrestling relies heavily on storylines and audience interaction, and WCW was no stranger to over-the-top storylines.

This overall copy graded 8.5 complete in box by WATA has a box grade of 7.5, a cartridge grade of 9.2, and a manual grade of 9.4. Featuring an intense photo of Goldberg with a packed arena in the background, this game presents itself extremely well. WCW Mayhem is perfect for wrestling collectors, sports games collectors, as well as N64 collectors.

WATA Graded WWF Attitude for N64

WWF Attitude

World Wrestling Federation’s Attitude Era (1997-2002) is heralded by a majority of wrestling fans as being the best era of wrestling – especially for the now-called World Wrestling Entertainment company. The era helped define my tween years and gave the world superstars such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chyna, and The Hardy Boyz. The storylines were extremely over the top yet impossibly engaging. Any wrestling fan will gladly admit the Steve Austin versus Vince McMahon storyline was one of the highlights of the era. Many of the superstars who came from the Attitude Era are still performing in various rings to this day, and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is a household name thanks to his jump to Hollywood.

WWF Attitude was released in 1999, the sweet spot for the Attitude Era. This is the follow-up for a previous WWF game, WWF War Zone, and the last WWF game to be published by Acclaim. Attitude was well received by fans and critics for its roster of characters, and the ability for players to create their own Pay-Per-View event.

This sealed copy graded 6.5 B+ by WATA presents well and is a great way to get a sealed game at an entry level price. This game is perfect for wrestling collectors, sports collectors, fans of various Attitude Era Superstars, as well as cross-platform collectors, and Nintendo completionists.

WATA Knockout Kings 2000 for N64

Knockout Kings 2000

Between 1998 to 2003, EA Sports released a line of boxing video games across multiple platforms – better known as Knockout Kings. The game featured some of the greatest boxers in history, such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Oscar De La Hoya. Players could go toe to toe with the real-life legends, as well as several in-game characters that provided a challenge. In 2004 the series was renamed Fight Night, and it continued into 2011. Overall the series is highly regarded, with fans still playing the games to this day. Boxing games are still a staple in sports video games – many of which could even offer a good workout for the player!

This complete in-box graded 9.0 by WATA is a beautiful find. The grade breaks down further with a box grade of 9.0, a cartridge grade of 9.0, and a manual grade of 8.5. By comparison, the one-year average of a sealed 9.8 copy is $2,728. If you’re looking to add an affordable graded copy of Knockout Kings 2000 to your collection, this is the copy to get. This game is perfect for boxing collectors, sports video game collectors, cross-platform collectors, and Nintendo collectors.

WATA Graded Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for N64

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

The Star Wars universe has been expanding its movie universe since A New Hope hit theaters in 1977. The iconic characters have been featured in comic books, television specials, novels, and of course video games. In 1996 LucasArts released Shadows of the Empire for the Nintendo 64. This 3D platformer was a part of a larger Shadows of the Empire series, which also included trading cards, novels, comic books, and a toy line. The opening Battle of Hoth sequence is still praised by players to this day! Shadows of the Empire is still important to the overall Star Wars universe and adds depth and layers to scenarios and characters fans have grown to love over the decades.

This complete in-box copy graded 7.5 by WATA includes a box grade of 7.5, a cartridge grade of 8.0, and a manual grade of 7.5. Shadows of the Empire is a must for all Star Wars fans, as well as Nintendo collectors, science fiction collectors, and video game completionists.

WATA Graded Luigi's Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch

Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi, the green overalls brother of Mario, has shared the video game world with his older brother since his introduction in 1983. Luigi has been a playable second or solo character in almost every Super Mario game and spin off but was given his own game in 1990 – Luigi’s Hammer Toss. Unfortunately, that game was only released on an LCD game watch and has not been ported anywhere else. In 2001 Nintendo released the super popular Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo GameCube. The game was a hit and spawned two sequels and a popular arcade cab.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 was well-received by critics and fans, who praised its graphics and gameplay. This installment has been the most popular one to date. This sealed copy graded 9.8 A++ by WATA is a truly amazing example of this game. Not only will this game present perfectly well, but it’s a high-grade game at a great price. This game is perfect for Mario and Luigi collectors, Luigi completionists, horror fans, Nintendo collectors, and cross-platform collectors!


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