Hunting For Value (3/22/23) - Mario Madness

Hunting For Value (3/22/23) - Mario Madness

Hunting for Value - A Guide to Hunting for Value in Graded Video Games

Hunting For Value (3/22/23) - Mario Madness

Staff writer Lauren Sisselman digs through the Standard Gaming inventory and highlights a handful of Mario-related graded games that may be worth a deeper look.

Whether you're new to the hobby of graded video games or a seasoned veteran, everyone likes to get a good deal. Prices on games can vary widely depending on where you look and games on marketplaces like eBay are often listed without context. At Standard Gaming, we have games for every type of collector, all available for immediate purchase. Below are a few titles that stand out, and may help you as you Hunt for Value in the graded video game market.


Mario Kart 8 Delux for Switch

Mario Kart 8 Delux ($120)

Originally released for the Nintendo Wii U in 2014, Mario Kart 8 is the eighth installment in the popular Mario Kart racing series. The series began with Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo in 1992 and featured eight characters from the Mario games: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Bowser, Koopa Trooper, and Donkey Kong Jr. Mario Kart 8 Delux features over 20 characters from a number of other Nintendo franchises, such as Zelda and Animal Crossing. The game was well-received on its Switch debut and sold over 50 million units by the end of 2022 – making Mario Kart 8 one of the best-selling games of all time. 

This sealed blue label CGC 9.6 A++ is as close to perfect as you can get but without the price tag of an excellent grade. A sealed 10 WATA-graded copy has a one-year average of $1,225. Mario Kart 8 Delux is a must-have for most collectors, including Mario collectors, high-grade collectors, Nintendo collectors, Switch collectors, and best-selling game collectors.

WATA Graded Super Mario Land for Game Boy

Super Mario Land ($265)

Nintendo hit gold with Super Mario Bros for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, so in 1989 they launched the Nintendo Game Boy alongside Super Mario Land. Super Mario Land is a side-scrolling single-player game similar to that of Super Mario Bros. This game introduces players to Sarasaland and Princess Daisy, who Mario must rescue through 12 daunting courses. The game was a hit, and while many would note that it was a short game, it did still manage to sell over 18 million copies. Super Mario Land spawned a few sequels, with the most recent being Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS in 2011.

This complete in-box 6.5 WATA-graded copy is pretty cool. The box presents itself extremely well, and the artwork is still bright and colorful. Since this is not a sealed game, there is an overall grade breakdown of the following:

CIB Box Grade: 6.5
CIB Cart Grade: 6.5
CIB Manual Grade: 7.5
Overall Grade: 6.5

This is a great buy for Mario collectors, Game Boy collectors, launch title collectors, or anyone starting out with a video game collection! Who knows – maybe we’ll see Sarasaland in a future Mario movie!

WATA Graded Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES

Super Mario Bros 3 ($375)

Super Mario Bros 3 is an absolute icon, as well as a console-defining game. The game came out at a crucial time for the Nintendo Entertainment System by creating renowned interest in the console. Everything from the simple yet effective box art to the introduction of new abilities (sliding and climbing) worked in Nintendo’s favor. By 2000 Super Mario Bros 3 had sold over 17 million copies worldwide, and was one of the best-selling Nintendo games. The game would also spawn its own cartoon series and toys and would influence game designers and artists for years to come. Super Mario Bros 3 has been ported several times over the years, and players can now relive their SMB3 days thanks to the Nintendo Switch, as well as the Nintendo mini console.

This is probably one of the most collectible games on the market. Sealed 9.8 WATA-graded copies currently have a one-year average of $40,400. Complete in-box 9.6 WATA-graded games also have a high one-year average of $4,4240. This copy is a complete-in-box 7.5 WATA-graded copy, with a grade breakdown of the following:

CIB Box Grade: 7.5
CIB Cart Grade: 8.0
CIB Manual Grade: 7.5
Overall Grade: 7.5

This is a great display copy, and you won’t have to spend an arm or a leg to own it either. This game is perfect for just about every type of collector – Mario collectors, Nintendo collectors, and vintage collectors.

WATA Graded Mario Party 2 for N64

Mario Party 2 ($250)

Following the success of Mario Party, Nintendo released Mario Party 2 for the Nintendo 64 in late 2000. The multiplayer or single-player game lets you choose from six different characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, Princess Peach, and Donkey Kong. Nintendo learned its lesson from the issues from the first game and developed a game that addressed those prior issues. Mario Party 2 was well received and has been subsequently been re-released over the years. The game was ported to the Wii Virtual Console in 2010, the Wii U in 2016, and the Switch in 2022. Some levels of Mario Party 2 were remastered for the Mario Party Superstars game released for the Nintendo Switch in 2021.

This complete-in-box 8.0 WATA-graded copy is nothing short of awesome. There's no color fading on the box art, and while there is a crunch in the lower left corner, this box still displays well. The grade has a following breakdown of the following:

CIB Box Grade: 8.0
CIB Cart Grade: 8.0
CIB Manual Grade: 9.2
Overall Grade: 8.0

Mario Party 2 is perfect for Mario collectors, multiplayer collectors, party game collectors, Nintendo 64 completionists, and overall Nintendo completionists.

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