Games We Love (5/3/23) -  Playstation Finds

Games We Love (5/3/23) - Playstation Finds

Games We Love - A Deep Dive Into Under-Appreciated Graded Video Games

Games We Love - Playstation Finds

May 3rd, 2023 - Staff writer Lauren Sisselman discusses a handful of graded games that tell a compelling story or conjure feelings of nostalgia. This week covers Playstation finds.

The Sony PlayStation changed the way I and thousands of others looked at video games. Originally Sony created parts for companies such as Nintendo, and in 1991 Sony would show off a prototype PlayStation – a Super Nintendo with a CD-ROM built in. The SNES-CD would never make it past the prototype stage, but it laid the groundwork for Sony’s flagship console. The Sony PlayStation was formally released in December of 1994 and is one of the most recognized consoles today. If you’re looking to build a PlayStation collection of your own, we have a number of wonderful games to choose from!

WATA Graded Metal Gear Solid for Sony Playstation

Metal Gear Solid

Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid captured the attention of gamers across the world in 1998. This single-player action-adventure game is the fourth installment in the series, with the most recent game, Metal Gear Survive, being released in 2018. Metal Gear Solid was an instant hit for Sony, with the game selling over seven million units worldwide by 2005. This game was challenging for me, but the graphics and characters were compelling enough to keep me going. The game was universally praised and is one of the most recognizable games for the PlayStation. Metal Gear Solid is repeatedly credited for popularizing the stealth video game genre, despite being the fourth installment in an already well-known series. Metal Gear Solid is still praised to this day, with rumors of a PlayStation 5 remake circulating on fan sites.

This sealed black label VGA 90 NM+ / MT copy is a looker. Finding a high-grade copy of this title can be difficult, but when you find one it’s a treat. This copy presents exceptionally well and is perfect for high-grade collectors, Metal Gear collectors, and PlayStation completionists.

WATA Graded Tomb Raider for Sony Playstation

Tomb Raider

It’s nearly impossible to think about video games in the late 1990s without mentioning Tomb Raider. This cross platform game took the world by storm, and everyone seemed to be playing it – myself included! The star of the game, Lara Croft, was a popular character in my home. She was smart, beautiful, and adventurous. Tomb Raider was a great way to bring new gamers into the new era of gaming, while also appealing to those of us who grew up with systems such as the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis. During its lifespan, Tomb Raider sold over 7 million units across the globe and won several awards. The game launched a multimedia franchise and still has games being produced to this day.

This sealed 9.2 B WATA-graded copy looks like it belongs in a museum. This key game has a one-year average of $78,000 for 9.8 WATA-graded copies, so don’t like the grade deter you. This still has strong eye appeal and is comparatively affordable while still having a high grade. This game is perfect for kay game collectors, Tomb Raider collectors, cross-platform collectors, and PlayStation completionists.

WATA Graded Crash Bandicoot for Sony Playstation

Crash Bandicoot

One of the most defining PlayStation games from my childhood is Crash Bandicoot. This single-player platformer had fun, brightly colored cartoon graphics and an easy-to-follow plot, perfect for young gamers. But what really drew me into the series were the television commercials! My favorite featured a mascot Crash standing outside a Nintendo building, calling them out via a megaphone. Each live-action commercial was funny and engaging, and it got my friends and me talking. Clearly, the campaign worked, as the game went on to sell over one million units in 1996, and by 2003 the game sold over 6 million units worldwide. Crash Bandicoot would go on to have a handful of other sequels, and would eventually become a cross-platform release. Crash Bandicoot is still a video game staple to this day, with a new game, Crash Team Rumble, due out in the summer of 2023.

This sealed 7.5 A WATA-graded copy presents extremely well. While there is a two-inch crack on the front of the jewel case, this copy is still a desirable item. By comparison, a 9.4 WATA-graded copy has a one-year average of $16,800, making this a very affordable option. This game is perfect for key title collectors, Crash Bandicoot collectors, cross-platform collectors, and PlayStation completionists. 

WATA Graded Devil May Cry 2 for Sony Playstation

Devil May Cry 2

2003 started off with a bang in the video game world, with the release of the highly anticipated Devil May Cry 2. The single-player hack and slash action game was highly anticipated, but on its release players and critics found it to be mostly adequate. For me personally, this game was significantly easier to play than the first one, which was a welcome change. The storyline for both Dante and Lucia was engaging, and I enjoyed the graphics a great deal. Capcom even involved clothing brand Diesel in the marketing, releasing a limited Devil May Cry 2 fashion line. The game still performed well, selling over 2 million units by March 2022. Devil May Cry is still a popular video game franchise to this day, with the newest game, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat being released in 2020.

This sealed 5th Anniversary Collection 9.8 A+ WATA-graded copy is as good as it gets. A 9.8 for any game is an impressive feat and is universally accepted as being a mint grade. This game looks like it was plucked off of the shelf! Devil May Cry 2 is perfect for Devil May Cry collectors, cross-platform collectors, high-grade collectors, and horror collectors.

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