Banjo-Kazooie - Wata 8.0 CIB [Right Facing Rumble Pak] N64 Nintendo 1998

$400.00 USD $425.00 USD

Banjo and Kazooie make their world premiere in this timeless Nintendo 64 title developed by Rareware. An irreverent 3D platformer that just two years later spawned a nearly as popular sequel, Banjo-Tooie, this game consistently ranks as a favorite among N64 fans. This particular copy features a cart with a seldom seen WATA sub grade of 9.6 and a Player's Guide Offer card that also has a GSI grade of 9.6.

CIB Box Grade: 7.0
CIB Cart Grade: 9.6
CIB Manual Grade: 9.0
Overall Grade: 8.0
GSI Offer: 9.6