Contra - Wata 6.5 Cart [Round] NES Konami 1988


The original Contra for the NES, released in 1988, set the standard for side-scrolling run-and-gun shooters, featuring cooperative gameplay, challenging stages, and an iconic cheat code that granted players extra lives and captured the hearts of gamers worldwide.

This NFR cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has a respectable 6.5 grade from WATA.

About NFR Cartridges

NFR, or "Not For Resale" cartridges, are unique video game cartridges distributed primarily to retailers, reviewers, or event attendees for promotional purposes. These cartridges often have "Not For Resale" labels, distinguishing them from regular retail versions. Although they typically contain the same game content, NFR cartridges can be considered rare and valuable due to their limited production and distribution. Collectors and gaming enthusiasts often seek NFR cartridges as they represent a unique piece of gaming history and can provide insight into the variants and/or marketing of a particular game