F-Zero - Wata 9.0 - 9.4 Box [Player's Choice, For Display Only] SNES Nintendo 1991

$75.00 USD

About F-Zero

A launch title for the Super Nintendo, F-Zero is the first installment in the popular F-Zero franchise which saw multiple releases across various consoles in the 1990s. This futuristic racing game isn’t for the faint of heart though, reviewers and players alike note its difficult gameplay, as well as stretching the limits of what video games could be at the time by being one of the fastest games of its generation. 

An important game in video gaming lore, F-Zero’s Captain Falcon is a playable character in the mega franchise Super Smash Bros. F-Zero also inspired an anime series, F-Zero: GP Legend, which aired in the early 2000s. Overall, F-Zero’s collectibility should not be overlooked. F-Zero was technologically ahead of its time, and while it might not be considered a top 5 SNES title, it’s a classic and unforgettable beginning to this popular racing series.


About For Display Only Boxes

Printed and manufactured for display and marketing purposes, For Display Only (FDO) boxes for the Super Nintendo are an affordable way to own popular WATA graded titles. FDO boxes were likely used for a number of purposes in the mid to late 1990’s including in-store kiosk displays and on shelves at certain rental stores and retailers.

Consisting of only a box with a special “For Display Only” marking on the box front, with no inner components such as a cartridge or manual, FDO boxes are an interesting and unusual way to collect some of your favorite Super Nintendo titles at a fraction of the price of acquiring a traditional sealed copy. About twenty-five different SNES titles are known to have FDO boxes produced alongside traditional copies but more titles having this box variant may eventually be discovered. This makes for a unique and interesting way to affordably collect some of the best Super Nintendo titles.