Karnov - Cgc 9.2 CIB [Round] NES Data East 1988


Karnov, originally an arcade game released in 1987, was later ported to the NES in 1988 and became a cult classic for its quirky character design and challenging gameplay, cementing its place in gaming history as a unique addition to the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) library. This CIB (Complete In Box) example is highlighted by a 9.4 cartridge, boasting a superb 9.2 box and manual grade. A nice high-grade CIB for your collection.

CIB Box Grade: 9.2
CIB Cart Grade: 9.4
CIB Manual Grade: 9.2
Overall Grade: 9.2
GSI Map Poster: Incl
GSI Card: Incl