Mega Man Anniversary Collection - Cgc 9.8 A+ Sealed, PS2 Capcom 2004

$170.00 USD

About Games Graded 9.8 A+ 

A single seal grade and numeric rating away from perfection, 9.8 A+ WATA or CGC graded games have virtually all of the visual appeal of a 9.8 A++ or perfect 10 A++ graded game, often at a more favorable price point.


About The Mega Man Anniversary Collection (PS2)

It’s hard to imagine that a Mega Man game celebrating the 15th anniversary of the series would now be nearly 20 years old in its own right! Released domestically in 2004, the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the PS2 is an excellent way for Mega Man collectors to add an affordable and appealing graded Mega Man title to their collection. Featurning the first eight games in the Mega Man series released across the NES, SNES, PS1, and Sega Saturn, this is the first of three Mega Man compilations that have been released to date.

The Mega Man Anniversary Collection easily fits into a number of various graded video game collections. A welcome addition to any Mega Man specific collection, a fitting inclusion among the more memorable PS2 remasters, or simply as a standalone display piece for a Mega Man fan who’s just getting into game collecting and can’t get enough Rockman in their life!