Metroid Dread - Wata 10 A++ Sealed [115991A] Switch Nintendo 2021


Effectively perfect by WATA’s standards, a 10 A++ game has no visible imperfections and a perfect shrink wrap seal. It’s difficult to give a precise estimate, but WATA 10 A++ grades are seldom seen and are only designated on a tiny fraction of overall games submitted. Most game titles have yet to have even a single copy awarded a perfect 10 A++ rating by WATA.


About Metroid Dread

After a four year hiatus of Metroid title releases and an astonishing nineteen year gap between 2D releases, Nintendo finally delivered Metroid Dread for the Nintendo Switch in 2021 to both significant fanfare and critical acclaim. Earning numerous “Best Of” awards in 2021 including multiple Game of the Year designations, Metroid Dread has established itself as one of the core “can’t miss” first-party titles for the Nintendo Switch. Additionally Metroid Dread has earned itself the honor of being the highest selling Metroid video game of all time.

Like its predecessors, Metroid Dread is a core title among Metroid fans, who have almost universally embraced this title among the best Metroid games ever released. Featuring excellent box art, Metroid Dread easily fits into a number of different graded game collections. A welcome addition to any Metroid collection, a fitting inclusion in a “best of” Switch set, or simply as a standalone display piece for a Metroid fan who’s just getting into game collecting and get enough Samus Aran in their life!