Minecraft - Wata 9.8 A++ Sealed [106681C] Switch Mojang 2017


Likely only a single, barely perceptible imperfection away from a perfect 10 A++ rating, 9.8 A++ WATA graded games represent the next best thing to a truly perfect copy. Often at a fraction of the cost compared to a perfect 10 A++ graded game, 9.8 A++ graded graded games are oftentimes the highest grade you can hope to acquire for many titles.


About Minecraft

One of the best things about Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch is how little the game differs from its other console or PC counterparts. Players can play in single or multiplayer mode, building up a world all their own. The Nintendo Switch version does, however, offer an exclusive Super Mario Mash-Up Pack that helps make many consider this iteration of Minecraft to be the best console version of the game. This Mash-Up Pack is a fun add-on that gives players access to new game skins, a texture pack, and a themed world that pulls inspiration from the enormously popular Super Mario 64

Minecraft is without a doubt one of the most popular games to come out in the last 15 years. People of all ages flock to the game, which has stood the test of time. Considered to regularly have more than 100 million players active across all platforms it’s not difficult to see the collecting appeal of a high-grade copy of Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch. As a standalone title for consoles Minecraft doesn’t fit cleanly into some sets the way a classic Legend of Zelda title neatly fits into a multitude of Zelda and Nintendo sets. Collectors could acquire this title across the Switch, PS3, and various Xbox systems to create a Minecraft console set, or could simply acquire this title as a standalone display piece for this uber-popular franchise.