Nintendo World Championships 1990 Grey - Wata 6.0 Cart [#0084] NES Nintendo 1990


A true collecting grail, it's been estimated that roughly only a hundred of these cartridges that were used for the 1990 Nintendo World Championship still remain in existence. It's likely that these carts were planned to be destroyed after the competition, but after needling by many of the competitors, and perhaps more so by many of the competitor's parents, the contestants were ultimately allowed to keep their respective copies.

The Nintendo World Championships were held across 29 cities in the United States during a ten month span in 1990. The cart itself features three playable games, Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris. The contestants were limited to a precise 6 minutes and 21 seconds of playtime, although the DIP switches on the cart allow this time range to be modified. The first challenge players encounter is collecting 50 coins in Super Mario Bros., after which they need to complete the first track of Rad Racer, then with their remaining time contestants can rack up as high of a score as possible in Tetris. A combined score is then totaled across all three games to determine a winner.

NWC carts were not manufactured for retail consumption and as such were produced with seemingly sub-par glue and paper on the label, causing many of the remaining examples to appear more worn than they actually are. This particular copy appears to be in excellent condition for the assigned grade of 6.0 by WATA, with no distracting marks or blemishes on either the label or the cartridge itself.

A true centerpiece of any collection, be it an advanced video game collection or a broader collection featuring the absolute best trophy items across multiple collectible verticals.

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