Pokémon Blue Version - Wata 9.6 A++ Sealed [Rattata, Pixelated ESRB] GB Nintendo 1998

A showcase example of sealed games being substantially rarer than their overall production runs. Despite selling more than an estimated fifteen million copies worldwide, it's possible that less than 1000 sealed copies of Pokemon Blue remain in existence today across all variants. A look at the December 2022 WATA population report reveals that only 173 sealed copies have been graded by WATA so far.

This particular copy of Pokemon Blue features a perfect A++ seal rating from WATA and a close in-hand inspection shows no mentionable flaws or imperfections on the 9.6 rated box. Truly a spectacularly preserved specimen of this seminal Pokemon title that with it's sister game Pokemon Red helped spawn the Pokemania that thrives across the globe today. A true trophy piece.

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