Pokémon Crystal Version - Wata 9.4 A+ Sealed ["Series" Misprinted] GBC Nintendo 2001


With a 9.4 A+ grade assigned by WATA this is one of a handful of the finest known copies of this difficult to find in any grade Pokemon title for the Game Boy Color. The A+ seal is taut and razor sharp box corners all around make for an exceptionally pleasing copy.


About Pokemon Crystal

In the same fashion that Pokemon Yellow was released shortly thereafter the release of Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon Crystal debuted domestically in 2001 as a standalone follow-up to the Game Boy Color's Pokemon Gold and Silver. Pokemon Crystal features the legendary Pokemon Suicune on its cover and differs from Pokemon Gold and Silver in multiple ways. The two most notable additions are the ability to play as either a male or female Pokemon trainer, a first for the Pokemon series, and the game also includes a new "Battle Tower" mode that mimics gameplay features found in Pokemon Stadium titles. 

From a collecting standpoint the largest differences between Pokemon Crystal versus the Gold and Silver titles are that the Crystal version is proving to be much more scarce to locate in sealed grades. WATA has graded only a fraction of sealed copies of Pokemon Crystal at this time compared to Pokemon Gold and Silver. Additionally, the word "Series" being misprinted in one area on the back of the box has led to a definitive, hard to locate first print as this typo was corrected in future production runs.

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