Pokemon Violet - Wata 10 A++ Sealed, Switch Nintendo 2022


About 10 A++ WATA Graded Titles

Effectively perfect by WATA’s standards, a 10 A++ game has no visible imperfections and a perfect shrink wrap seal. It’s difficult to give a precise estimate, but WATA 10 A++ grades are seldom seen and are only designated on a tiny fraction of overall games submitted. Most game titles have yet to have even a single copy awarded a perfect 10 A++ rating by WATA.


About Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Spanning across multiple decades and covering every segment of popular culture including video games, trading cards, movies, and merchandise, the fanbase for the Pokemon franchise numbers in the hundreds of millions worldwide. The latest releases in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet saw their release occur in late 2022 and immediately became a best selling title for the Nintendo Switch. Featuring concepts similar to other Pokemon titles, the player acts as a novice trainer, who’s traveling around various regions capturing Pokemon. Along the way trainers will have to level up and evolve their Pokemon, fight against powerful Gym Leaders, and keep their eyes peeled for adversaries such as members of Team Rocket. 


Like its predecessors, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are a faithful continuation of the Pokemon world and landscape. Pokemon games are highly collectible and sought after, making high grade copies of both games desirable for a host of collectors. With new Pokemon titles being released on a regular basis, there’s never a bad time to jump into collecting sealed Pokemon games. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fit naturally into a Pokemon master game set, a “best of” Nintendo Switch set, or simply as a two piece standalone set of this new popular Pokemon duo.