Stunt Racer 64 - Wata 7.5 CIB, N64 Midway 2000


A true key title for the Nintendo 64, Stunt Racer 64 was released as a Blockbuster rental store exclusive in 2000 and is seldom seen in any condition. This WATA graded 7.5 complete in box copy sports a respectable 6.5 box sub grade and a cart sub grade of 8.0. 

With only five sealed copies of this key title graded by WATA as of their December 2022 population report, and this being the finer of two CIBs listed, this is likely among the finest known copies to exist of this key title.

CIB Box Grade: 6.5
CIB Cart Grade: 8.0
CIB Manual Grade: 8.5
Overall Grade: 7.5