Super Mario 64 - Wata 8.5 A+ Sealed, N64 Nintendo 1996


With a 9.8 A++ WATA copy of this legendary title bringing over $1.5m in auction in 2021, it's a wonder that lower graded but relatively much more affordable copies such as this are still available on the market today. A taut A+ seal and a firmly attached plastic hangtab on the rear of this box make for an exceptionally attractive example for the grade. A WATA note of "cut in box spine" explains why such a beautiful copy of this game resides in only an 8.5 holder, and a close examination of the game reveals the tiniest of cuts in the box bottom which likely occurred during the manufacturing process before sealing and possibly preclude the game from a 9.0 or higher rating. Tremendous eye appeal here.


About Super Mario 64

The key launch title of the Nintendo 64 both domestically and worldwide, Super Mario 64 re-imagined the way console games could be played. In the same sense that in 1985 Super Mario Bros. for the NES established the side-scrolling 2D platformer archetype, Super Mario 64 is credited with establishing the 3D platformer genre. Considered one of the greatest games of all-time, and the best selling game worldwide on the N64 console, Super Mario 64 firmly re-established Nintendo's position as the top video game company of the 1990's.

From a collecting standpoint Super Mario 64 is one of the most sought after video games across all game systems. In the summer of 2021 a WATA graded 9.8 A++ copy of Super Mario 64 brought an earth-shattering $1.56m at auction. Easily the most expensive video game ever sold in public auction, Super Mario 64 is firmly entrenched as one of the most in-demand titles in the entirety of the video game collecting hobby.

Wata Notes: Cut in box spine