Super Mario Bros. 3 - Wata 6.0 CIB [Left Bros] NES Nintendo 1990


The first print of Super Mario Bros. 3 is typically referred to as "Left Bros" due to the word "Bros" appearing on the left side of the box across Mario's right hand. All subsequent variants are “Right Bros” copies, as they have the word “Bros” further to the right, over Mario’s head on the box front.

Sealed “Left Bros” copies are seldom seen in the market and can fetch in excess of $100,000 in higher grades. Finding a nice complete in box copy is often the best a collector can hope for when it comes to this challenging first print.

This wholesome mid-grade copy of the first print Left Bros variant faces up nicely for the assigned grade. Representing tremendous value as an equivalent sealed copy in this grade would likely be offered at 50-100x this offer price.


About Super Mario Bros 3

Considered by many to be among the greatest video games of all-time, Super Mario Bros. 3 was yet another smash hit for Nintendo when it was released domestically in 1990. Breathing new life into the now five-year old NES console, Super Mario Bros. 3 was a fitting end-cap to the Mario Bros. trilogy for the original Nintendo. Designed to be playable by gamers of all skill levels, the development team successfully ramped the difficulty up rather evenly across the game, providing an immediately enjoyable experience for novice and skilled players alike. 

Featuring what is widely regarded as some of the best video game box art of all-time, Super Mario Bros. 3 is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and sought after key titles in all of video game collecting. Super Mario Bros. 3 can fit inside any number of different collecting aspirations and it’s often one of the first graded game purchases that collectors make. Thankfully this game is still relatively affordable in lower CIB grades and a number of known varieties exist which adds an additional challenge for those looking to own multiple copies of this seminal title.

CIB Box Grade: 5.0
CIB Cart Grade: 7.5
CIB Manual Grade: 5.0
Overall Grade: 6.0
Wata Notes: Tear in box, Internal box flap missing, Moisture damage on manual