Super Mario Bros. - Wata 6.0 CIB [Gloss Sticker] NES Nintendo 1985


A superb looking mid-grade CIB of this second print Gloss sticker seal Super Mario Bros. A sharp, distraction free box front leads to excellent displayability for it's assigned grade, making this copy an ideal choice for a collector looking to make their first early print Super Mario Bros. purchase. With Matte CIBs and sealed Gloss copies both costing in an order of magnitude more, this example is the perfect alternative that won't require a refi on your mortgage.


About Super Mario Bros.

Effectively the grandfather of modern console gaming, Super Mario Bros. is not only considered one of the greatest video games ever produced, but it's also one of the best selling video games ever made. The 1952 Mickey Mantle of video games, not much compares across most collectible verticals to the combined nostalgia and scarcity of sealed copies of Super Mario Bros. for the NES. The keystone launch title that in 1985 propelled Nintendo to the forefront of the American zeitgeist, Super Mario Bros. sold over 40 million copies worldwide and spawned the most popular video game franchise of all-time.

With only a few hundred sealed copies of this game known to exist, owning a sealed, or even a mid to high grade CIB copy of this title puts you in elite company among video game collectors. A draw for both new and seasoned collectors alike, Super Mario Bros. for NES is the keystone game for a number of possible collectible sets. Among some potential sets this title can be included in are an NES Black Box set, an NES Super Mario Bros. trilogy set, and simply any set that features some of the most important games of all time.

CIB Box Grade: 5.0
CIB Cart Grade: 7.0
CIB Manual Grade: 7.0
Overall Grade: 6.0