Super Mario Odyssey - Wata 10 A++ Sealed [105882C] Switch Nintendo 2017


Effectively perfect by WATA’s standards, a 10 A++ game has no visible imperfections and a perfect shrink wrap seal. It’s difficult to give a precise estimate, but WATA 10 A++ grades are seldom seen and are only designated on a tiny fraction of overall games submitted. Most game titles have yet to have even a single copy awarded a perfect 10 A++ rating by WATA.


About Super Mario Odyssey

Time and time again fans wonder aloud if Nintendo can bring forth another classic standalone Mario title, and as always, Nintendo delivers. Super Mario Odyssey is a classic entry in this storied franchise and then some, delivering an immensely deep game with new yet simple mechanics and loads of replayability. With a backstory similar to many Mario games – once again, Mario must save Princess Peach from the nefarious Bowser, a new sidekick Cappy joins the fray to the delight of fans. Allowing the player to control any character the hat is thrown on, Cappy gives life to one of Mario’s signature items, his iconic red hat. Within just three days of this title’s release in 2017, over 2 million copies were sold worldwide across digital and physical channels. Super Mario Odyssey would quickly go on to stand on its own among other “all-time” Mario titles and is considered one of the best games of all time, currently sitting as the third highest reviewed game ever on Metacritic.

With Super Mario Odyssey giving life to one of Mario’s signature items (Ok ok, we know it isn’t his real hat, but Cappy is a great stand in) and its fantastic gameplay this game is an historically important entry in the Mario franchise. A high-grade sealed copy of Super Mario Odyssey would fit nicely into a “best of” Switch game collection, among a vertical of Mario games, or simply as a superb display piece for Nintendo Switch lovers.