The Last of Us Part II - Wata 10 A++ Sealed, PS4 Sony 2020


About 10 A++ titles

Effectively perfect by WATA’s standards, a 10 A++ game has no visible imperfections and a perfect shrink wrap seal. It’s difficult to give a precise estimate, but WATA 10 A++ grades are seldom seen and are only designated on a tiny fraction of overall games submitted. Most game titles have yet to have even a single copy awarded a perfect 10 A++ rating by WATA.


About The Last of Us Part II

Released a full seven years after the original, The Last of Us Part II is an action-adventure survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic United States. Set five years after The Last of Us, this follow-up is hauntingly beautiful, and again tests players in ways they may not anticipate, thanks to a storyline that is at times heartbreaking. This highly anticipated sequel was one of the most popular releases of 2020 and won numerous awards both inside and outside the video game industry thanks to its non-traditional playstyle and script. The Last of Us Part II is so critically acclaimed in fact, that it is believed to hold the record for most “Game of the Year” awards ever given to a single game, with a total exceeding over 250 GOTY awards!

With striking box art featuring co-protagonist Ellie on the cover this game in a graded format makes for an excellent display piece. This title could be a fitting entry into a collection of Horror/Post-Apocalyptic games, a collection of key Playstation titles, or simply a collection of best selling titles from the past decade.