The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Cgc 9.6 A+ Sealed [World Edition] 3DS Nintendo 2013


About Games Graded 9.6 A+ 

Nearing perfection on both box grade and seal rating a 9.6 A+ rating from WATA or CGC indicates that any imperfections on this game's box and seal are both extremely minor, and likely only spotted upon a close in-hand inspection.


About The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The spiritual successor to the all-time classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past that took the better part of a decade to ultimately see development and production, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds introduced new 2D/3D mechanics that allow this title to stand on its own as one of the more interesting entries among the Zelda franchise. Receiving critical acclaim upon its release and ultimately selling more than 4 million copies across digital and physical formats, A Link Between Worlds featured an open ended game path that may have been an inspiration to the progression system so widely praised in Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch.

Costing just a fraction of the price of a nice sealed copy of A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo, and featuring unique box art showing Link in “2D form,” A Link Between Worlds would be a fitting addition to any number of graded video game collections. A must-have in a Zelda game master set or also a worthy inclusion into any “best of” or action RPG 3DS collection.