The Legend of Zelda - Cgc 8.0 A Sealed [Oval, Rev-A, R] NES Nintendo 1987


Sealed copies of the original Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo are few and far between, making this 8.0 CGC graded copy a special find.  Appearing clean for the assigned grade with no mentionable seal issues, this is a lovely sealed copy of this famously popular NES title.


About The Legend of Zelda

In working to develop franchise-worthy games to sustain the breakout success of the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America, Nintendo struck gold when it released The Legend of Zelda stateside in 1987. Controlling the hero Link from a top-down perspective as he navigates through various dungeons and forests was a revelation for audiences worldwide and launched decades of commercial success that Nintendo had so aspired to capture.

One of the most popular games for the NES and also the first entry in the Zelda franchise, the original NES Zelda is always in high demand across all grades and types including sealed, CIBs, and even cartridges. With high-grade early print sealed copies routinely selling for mid six-figure prices it’s a wonder that moderately priced sealed copies and CIBs still exist today. The original Legend of Zelda for NES is so universally appealing it’s almost a waste to attempt to mention all of the sets it can be included in. But for the sake of completion a few popular sets this title can appear in are a Zelda master set, a classic RPG set, and a top-tier NES set.