The Legend of Zelda - Wata 6.5 A Sealed [Oval, Rev-A, TM, Small Warranty] NES Nintendo 1987


In working to develop franchise-worthy games to sustain the breakout success of the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America, Nintendo struck gold when it released The Legend of Zelda stateside in 1987. Controlling Link from a top-down perspective as he navigates through various dungeons and forests was a revelation for audiences worldwide and launched decades of commercial success that Nintendo had so aspired to capture.

A pitch-perfect example of sealed video game survivorship being infinitesimally small compared to print runs. Despite selling more than six million copies worldwide, it's doubtful that even 1000 sealed copies of this popular title exist today. WATA's August 2022 Population report reveals just a scant 173 sealed copies handled by them so far across all variants.

Difficult to locate in virtually any sealed grade, this relatively affordable mid-grade Zelda copy faces-up tremendously for the assigned grade. An excellent example for both the novice and advanced collector alike.